Logistec Project

The LogistEC project aims to develop new and improved technologies of the biomass logistic chains.

Especially for LogistEC we created a complete branding package that includes logo, brochure and website development.


Client: Aebiom          Services: UX, CSS, WordPress          Year: 2014         See live arrow_right

Logistec Logo Creation

Our goal was to design a logo that tells the story of the brand. So we created a balance between design and representative symbols for the expertise area. Our sketches started to take life from the idea: “Care for Nature”. The big “C” that stands for “care” and the leaf symbolizing nature stand out due to the impressive shading and color scheme.

Web Design Created from Logistics and Agricultural Subject

For LogistEC we created a website that reflects perfectly the services provided by the company as well as its values, all the while maintaining the main themes: logistics, nature and agriculture. Because the website is the main communication channel for a brand, we created a modern user interface design with intuitive navigation, to easily inform the users and ensure an exciting browsing experience.

Printed Presentation Brochure

Maintaining the project’s original design line for the presentation brochure, we created a clean and easy to follow guideline, using the graphic elements from the logo and website in order to stay true to the company’s brand. The result was a brochure that is representative for the company and “speaks for itself” and the brand like a good PR.

Brochure Outside Face

Brochure Inside Face

Logistec Website Structure

The website structure was developed based on the idea of creating a seamless, responsive user experience. This way, we created a minimalist user interface, with very good organization as well as to the point content which simplifies the navigation beautifully.

Best Fit for Notekook and Desktop PC

Because a truly great design has to be eye-catching but at the same time accessible, we made it responsive to the smallest details, in order to meet the users’ need of browsing from all the different devices available nowadays.

Home Page Design

Internal Page Design

Contact Page Design