FROnT RHC Project

The purpose of the FROnT project is to promote a level playing field for Renewable Heating and Cooling (RHC) in Europe, and develop strategies for its greater deployment. We easily went from hot to cold when we found the right scheme for a website that will create a powerful impact. Starting from this we created a responsive website with a design that facilitates access to information and is representative for the profile of the company.


Client: Aebiom          Services: UX, CSS, WordPress          Year: 2015          See live arrow_right

Color Palette Used in Website

A well chosen color scheme increases engagement and has a great user impact. We created a website based on the color scheme used in the logo which also has a strong connection with the promoted services. That’s why we choose orange, green and blue to be the key-colors that we used to “paint” the website design.

Home Page Design

Content Page Design