Biomass Counts

Τhe Biomass Counts campaign is an initiative launched by the European Biomass Association (AEBIOM) in December 2014. The main goal of this campaign is to set out and to balance the discussions on biomass use through various practical examples providing figures and stemming from projects developed all across Europe.

 We created a completely new image of the brand, starting from the logo-the main symbol of the company- which morphed into a new identity, a fresh and a lot more imposing one and we took it farther with a printed brochure with a representative design that doubles as a call-to-action.


Client: Aebiom          Services: UX, CSS, WordPress          Year: 2015          See live arrow_right

Biomass Counts Logo Creation

A logo is a powerful message! That’s why it’s more than graphic design.  We’ve put together the most important symbols and colors from nature that should express the main values of the campaign. In the end, we designed a logo that speaks loud and clear about the relevance of biomass today.

Biomass Printed Brochure

“An Economic Asset for people and Business” is a printed brochure that highlights the essential role of biomass in tackling energy poverty and improving economic competitiveness.

Starting from the details of the logo design and the key values which the campaign expresses and supports, we again borrowed symbols from the nature that will underline the message of the brochure.

Therefore we used the stem and the leaf to draw attention to some paragraphs and titles and we also used the three shades of green from the logo as design elements for the brochure, thus obtaining a clean design which emphasizes the text and helps the reader to commit it to memory.