Bioenergy 4 Business

The international Bioenergy4Business project supports and promotes the (partial) substitution of fossil fuels (such as coal, oil, gas) used for heating with available bioenergy sources (such as by-products of the wood-based industry, forest biomass, pellets, straw and other agricultural biomass products) in the European Union and beyond.


Because it’s about bioenergy as a business, we used our energy and skills to create a fresh and new design that was professional, bold and that could make the perfect statement for the brand. We started with a representative logo followed by a great fusion of the brand’s main values and our web design expertise that resulted in a website, a printed brochure and a roll-up banner that perfectly sums up the values of Bioenergy4Business.

Client: Aebiom          Services: Logo, Brochure, UX/UI          Year: 2014

Bioenergy 4 Business Logo Creation

The logo is the face of any brand, the one that shapes the very first impression of  a person about any venture and that’s why in order to create a perfect visual representation for any brand,  we start from dozen of sketches until we are sure we have all the essential components that make up an effective logo. In the end, all that hard work is worth it when we see all the pieces of the puzzle in their rightful place completing a towering logo.

Logo Used on Different Supports

A great logo should be versatile! We follow this rule every time and that’s why we created again this time an effective logo that not only looks good, but it’s legible on every support.

Home Page Design

Contact Page Design

Bioenergy 4 Business Printed Brochure

We worked closely with Bioenergy 4 Business to put together a brochure for success. Our team developed a design that includes all the information and the important symbol for the brand in order to create an exciting and representative message that Bioenergy 4 Business relays to the reader.

UX/UI Graphic Elements for Printed Brochure

In the process of developing the brochure we kept in mind the fact that the design should make for a great user experience and, at the same time, be organized in such a manner as to facilitate access to key information.

Printed Roll-Up Banner

For “Uptake of Solid European Bioenergy in Commercial Sectors” –  a special Bioenergy 4 Business campaing – , we also created a printed roll-up banner that looked good on higher resolution and which was designed from the main elements of the brochure with the idea of forming a clear and concise message.